Cosmopharma Sweden

In our line Cosmopharma Sweden, you will find our products that are made in Sweden. Here you will find beneficial skin care and hair care products that carefully and fragrantly take care of your appearance. The series is based on active but mild natural ingredients and thus fits all skin types and hair types perfectly. Having production on Swedish soil leads to more environmentally friendly transport. Most items are vegan and some of them are also organic.

Whipped Shea Butter
24.90 EUR
Moisturizing Serum
34.90 EUR
Refreshing Peeling
34.90 EUR
Soft Hand-set
Presentkort 300 kronor
30.00 EUR
Presentkort 500 kronor
50.00 EUR
Hand Disinfection
9.90 EUR
Hair Shampoo Cotton
17.90 EUR
Hand Soap Cotton
Hand Lotion Cotton
16.90 EUR
Moisturizing Day Cream
29.90 EUR
Purifying Cleansing Milk
21.90 EUR
Purifying Toner
19.90 EUR
Nourishing Night Cream
29.90 EUR
Hair Conditioner Cotton
18.90 EUR