Cosmopharma Organic

Organic is 100% made with natural ingredients such as fruits, plants and nuts. It has a high content of organic ingredients and is 100% vegan (except for two products that contain beeswax). Organic is a line completely without added water, the only liquid used to make them liquid is organic cold-pressed Aloe Vera Barbadensis. It is also self-preserving and thus completely without added preservatives.

The products are best suited for normal and dry skin. Can also be phenomenal for extremely dry skin, but if you are sensitive, you should try on a small area first to see that it does not become too clean and thus too strong for the most sensitive skin.

100% pure natural ingredients completely without water can for sensitive skin become too clean and too strong. But those who are not sensitive will love these wonderful products from the first moment.

Organic Day Cream
38.90 EUR
Organic Hand Cream
19.90 EUR
Organic Body Lotion
27.90 EUR
Organic Peeling & Mask
19.90 EUR
Organic Lip Balm
13.90 EUR
Organic Eye Serum
37.90 EUR
Organic Anti-Aging Serum
37.90 EUR
Organic Night Cream
37.90 EUR
Organic Calendula Cream
29.90 EUR
Organic Shampoo
17.43 EUR 24.90 EUR
Mini Organic Body Wash
5.80 EUR
Mini Organic Shampoo
4.06 EUR 5.80 EUR
Organic Baby Shampoo & Wash
20.23 EUR 28.90 EUR
Ekologiskt Babypaket
57.80 EUR