Skin care

Cosmopharma has organic and vegan hand care. Emollient, moisturizing that gently but effectively takes care of your hands. Extremely dry, calluses or just tired hands. If you need help or tips when choosing your hand care, we are here for you. You also get many tips on our social media, so follow us on instagram and on Facebook

Whipped Shea Butter Triple Set
62.90 EUR 74.70 EUR
Whipped Shea Butter duo
42.50 EUR 49.80 EUR
Handset med handsprit
35.50 EUR 41.70 EUR
Soft Hand-set
26.90 EUR 31.80 EUR
Hand Soap Cotton
14.90 EUR
Hand Disinfection
9.90 EUR
Whipped Shea Butter
24.90 EUR
Hand Lotion Cotton
16.90 EUR