Cosmopharma offers skin care for the body, face, hands and feet. Here you will find, among other things, vegan and organic skin care that is manufactured in Sweden. Cosmopharma has skin care for all skin types dry skin, oily skin, normal skin and problem skin. If you need help or tips when choosing your skin care, we are here for you. You also get many tips on our social media, so follow us on instagram and on Facebook

Julpaket 9 - Handset med handsprit
35.45 EUR 41.70 EUR
Dead Sea Mud
38.90 EUR
Organic Foot Butter
35.90 EUR
Organic Calendula Cream
32.90 EUR
Organic Hand Cream
19.90 EUR
Organic Body Lotion
27.90 EUR
Organic Peeling & Mask
19.90 EUR
Hand Disinfection
9.90 EUR
Moisturizing Serum
33.90 EUR
Julpaket 6 - Facial Anti-Aging set
101.75 EUR 119.70 EUR
Julpaket 5 - hemma spa kit
64.35 EUR 75.70 EUR
Julpaket 3 - Soft hand set
27.03 EUR 31.80 EUR
Mini Aloe Vera Gel
2.90 EUR
Refreshing Peeling
33.90 EUR
Organic Lip Balm
13.90 EUR
Organic Eye Serum
37.90 EUR
Purifying Toner
18.90 EUR
Purifying Cleansing Milk
18.90 EUR
Nourishing Night Cream
28.90 EUR
Moisturizing Day Cream
28.90 EUR
Hand Lotion Cotton
16.90 EUR
Hand Soap Cotton
14.90 EUR
x3 Anti-Aging Gold Mask
49.90 EUR
Organic Anti-Aging Serum
37.90 EUR
Organic Night Cream
37.90 EUR
Organic Day Cream
38.90 EUR
Cosmopharma Relief Gel
29.90 EUR
Cosmopharma Body Lotion
24.90 EUR
Cosmopharma Body Wash
18.90 EUR